To celebrate the release of Tormented by Darkness on December 7, today I’m giving away a copy!

The Prize:

One digital (.pdf) copy of Book II in the Inherited Damnation series, Tormented by Darkness

The Game:

In the comments below, post your thoughts on demons – be that related to reading about them or the “literal” being.

All commenters’ names will be placed in a hat and one will be randomly chosen by my oldest, adorable demi-demon.

I will post the winners name in the comments section tomorrow. Winner must email me to receive his/her prize.

Good luck!



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5 Responses so far.

  1. Thoughts on demons, huh? Sounds like a nice, cheery Christmas theme!! I could definitely do without the literal kind of demon. Scary. I could also do without personal demons. But the fictional ones, especially like the sexy thing on the cover of Cursed to those, I like to read about!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming release. I'm adding Tormented by Darkness to my must have list.

    Tracey D

  3. Linda -- Laugh! You crack me up. (Glad you enjoyed Broken Christmas by the way!) I too could do without the kind that go bump in the night... unless I'm writing about them.

    Tracey -- Thanks! It's nice to have you stop in.

  4. Well, Demons? Those things are scary and think there are more and more of them around all the time. Demons in books? I prefer the ones that aren't trying to take my soul!

    Keep up the great writing,
    Sandy ......... only way I can get this to post for me is by being anonymous!

  5. Hm. Sandy, I feel your pain. My cell phone doesn't like to let me post here either. Hence my delayed response to the winners. (But Anonymous works well!)

    Odd, now that I'm plotting this series more deeply, Drandar keeps giving me nightmares. Shudder.

    Okay so the delayed winner -- the name my youngest demi-demon pulled was Linda K.

    Congrats, Linda!

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