A little something different on the blog today. Author Minnette Meador has dropped in to contribute to the New Voices segment, and she's on tour with her urban fantasy thriller, The Belle Stalker! She's sharing a bit of magic with us, and combining the experience with a wonderful giveaway.

Minnette will be giving away a small Kindle ($79) plus a Portland Tote filled with goodies to one randomly drawn commenter, along with daily prizes.

She will do the drawing herself for the daily winners. (Please note: The Kindle and tote bag are limited to US and Canada only; if an international winner, an Amazon GC will be substituted)

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

The tour dates can be by clicking the banner above.

I asked Minnette to discuss the multiple genres that she used in the creation of The Belle Stalker because how she blended such a unique set fascinated me. So with much ado, please welcome Minnette Meador!

JUST A HINT OF MAGIC -- guest post by Minette Meador

She saw them: Silhouettes against the streetlights, long shadows that joined and grew into a mass that shrouded the cars and street. There must have been fifty of them, all pushing or pulling a cart, a shopping basket, or crowded with dangling bags filled to the brim. They drifted toward her, a rolling tide of ruined women. The smell of stale mortality was heavy, stagnant.

Belle gathered the rest of her strength and bolted down the street before them. The sound of broken axles, whining wheels, stomping feet and babble intensified in her ears until she thought she’d go deaf.

Her legs fell one before the other, heavy, detached. Breath wheezed into her lungs. Pulsing veins throbbed through every inch of her skin.

Then she saw it; a glimmering dazzle of lights only two blocks away. She pushed herself toward it, but the noise was too much. A vibrating wheel caught her ankles, tripped her. She hit the street hard. - THE BELLE STALKER, CHAPTER TWENTY

TODAY'S PRIZE: eCopies of Starsight I & II

Claire asked me about what inspired this story and to address the multiple genres it encompasses. I had to think about that for a long time; inspiration can come from the slightest whisper or the biggest bang. I will do my best.

I love urban fantasy and have found an even newer love, steam punk. What fun it is to read about the modern world with a hint of magic. Years ago, Piers Anthony wrote a series where everyone used magic except the poor hero. He was the handicapped one. That was my introduction to this genre and I’ve never looked back.

Over the past few years I’ve read lots of vampire, werewolf, and shape shifting books. I do love them so. However, I wanted to create something different, something I hadn’t read before. So I decided to introduce Tequelin, an ancient mythic being who has gone insane from too much contact with humans. That’s all I’m going to say about him right now. I really don’t want to spoil the surprise.

There is nothing more exciting than discovering that there is a hidden layer of something fantastic beneath the everyday humdrum. I think that’s the appeal of fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk, and urban fantasy. But even more, what really sparks my engine is watching as plain ordinary people deal with these changes, accept them, and carry on with their lives knowing they exist; I believe human beings are one of the most adaptive creatures in the universe. It’s interesting that the thought of breaking any number of the laws of physics doesn’t even faze us. We are so open to the experience.

I am nothing if not eclectic; I love romance, mystery, science, fantasy, history, comedy, suspense, and thrillers, so I decided to combine them all. The love affair between Cranston and Belle even after eight years of divorce; the overwhelming desire of Tequelin to possess Belle; the mysterious dead body left in Belle’s apartment; the overwhelming power Tequelin possesses; the chase across a city that is collapsing under the hero’s feet that takes him across the Atlantic; the hidden city beneath the city they discover.

I honestly think the real world is a jumble of crossed genres… and I believe in magic. How about you? Make a list of how many genres you live every day. You might be surprised! :o)

Thanks for stopping in, Minnette. The Belle Stalker sounds absolutely fascinating -- by the way, Piers Anthony is a special favorite of mine. I can so relate to loving his work!

Let's learn a little more about The Belle Stalker.

An Urban Fantasy Thriller
by Minnette Meador

The police have done all they can, but it isn’t enough. When Belle finds the mutilated body of her lover strewn across the furniture she knows only her ex-husband, Homicide Detective Mike Cranston can stop the maniac who has been dogging her steps for over a year. The only problem is the man who stalks her...is not a man at all. Belle plays a dangerous game and only hopes that Cranston can stop the monster before it’s too late.

Read an Excerpt

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For more information about Minnette, please visit her blog.

Make sure you leave a comment on this post to be entered in both the Kindle drawing and Minnette's daily freebie! And while I'm ineligible, I'll start the comments off.



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32 Responses so far.

  1. I love it when genres are mixed in a variety of ways. I doubt I have ever read a book that is strictly just one thing or the other.


  2. Thank you for hosting Minnette today!

  3. Your right, my life is a mix of genres. I never really thought about it until just now reading your post. Congrats on The Belle Stalker!

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  4. i love a lot of genre's and love when they mix together :)

  5. Good morning, Mary! Sometimes I wonder if we have too many genres in our lives!

    Hi, Ladyvamp! I'm so glad you could join us again... Thanks!

    Good morning, everyone! ~blinking - sipping coffee~ Thanks so much for coming over to this amazing blog! My thanks to Claire for inviting me! Makes sure you leave a comment for today's prize and a chance at the grand prizes and I love questions, so fire away! M:o)

  6. Hi, Kaila! Me too... Is there a favorite combination of genres?

  7. It sounds wonderful as always. Cross genres have always been an interest of mine. Scifi with Romance, or mystery romance. Its just all rolled into one. Its hard to sit there and put what type of category everything is in. And I guess, I'm going to ask this now, how do you decide what genre it is? Or is that left up to the publisher?

  8. I think mysteries are my favourite genre to read about but I read many different books, often containing many more than one genre.

  9. Yes, I believe life is a mixture of genres. But for my reading, I stick to mainly historical romance and only recently added historical romance/mystery/suspense books. I can't say that I have ever read an urban fantasy book but I must say, the more I read about The Belle Stalker, the more I am ready to follow down that path.

  10. I like any mixture of the following genres: historical, mystery, paranormal
    and (mostly) romance. I also like a touch of humor (in fiction and real life.)


  11. I love mixed genres--where's the surprise if everything's predefined, and I love surprises. That hint of magic in your excerpt is cool--leaves the reader wondering, waiting to know more.

    Whoever wins Starsight is in for a really great read!

  12. Great question, Yami. I'm the one who usually comes up with the genre, although my editor will give me input if she disagrees with me. So far, so good! ~fingers crossed~ Most of the books are heavy towards one genre or the other and most of them are romance first and foremost.

    Ah, a girl after my own heart, Laura! I move mystery too, so I have a tendency to lean towards that in a book, even of mixed genres.

    Oh, Karen, I will SO bring you to the dark side if you let me! Urban fantasy is so much fun. And there is both romance and history in this book... Hope you get a chance to read it. :o)

    Another girl after my own heart, Joni! There is humor in all of my books; I don't think I could write without it! I was raised in a very funny (i.e. jokes, fun, pranks, and the like) family, so I come by it naturally. No one believes me when I tell them I'm the quiet one of the bunch! :o)

    Thanks, Sheila! And for the Starsight praise! If someone doesn't like epic fantasy, I'm willing to trade too. :o)

  13. afternoon:)

  14. Ah Minnette, mixing genres is the only way to go.

    I started thinking about your comment about looking at our life and seeing how many genres are in it on a daily basis. LOL I concluded that I have a very active life. There's always a hint of suspense, especially as the holidays grow near and you're trying to figure out what to buy people and what they bought you; There's comedy every day, even if it is a comedy of errors most days; The only romance these days is in the books I read and the stories I write; Fantasy, ah fantasy, I couldn't get through a day without a little fantasy; and that's just to name a few.

    I love devouring books, this you know, but I've learned over the years that you can't have a book with just one genre. I've devoured thousands of romances and I haven't found one that didn't have another genre in it. From contemporaries with humor or suspense, to horror novels with a hint of humor, There are books that cross boundaries every day, and I for one am thankful to see them available after all, what good is reading a book that doesn't keep you interested?

    Mixing Genre's, is what I love about writing, You can write a horrific tale, and add a touch of humor, or a hint of romance, and it changes the whole thing. You can create a whole new world that touches peoples funny bone, scares them to where they need the lights on, excites them to be more...ahem romantic, or just gives them a thrilling chase, all without compromising the story you have to tell. It's great!

    Keep up the great work, Minnette, because I love your blend of Humor with romance and all it's twists and turns.



  15. Minnette! Its such a pleasure to have you here. Id hoped to comment sooner but am reduced to cell phone acccess.

    I am still fascinated by the genres you blended. While I do much the samein that romance blends with paranormal etc, you chose several as opposed to my blend of say two. There's a line on your website that I can't recite nor look up but you describe The Belle Stalker and I was seriously impressed.

    In any case you're on my TBR list now! I can't wait to dive in. Best of luck and keep us posted on your releases over here.

  16. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you.

  17. you can never have to many of t hem they area all different and each author
    has own way of doing books thank you for them and then keep up the work
    desi the blonde@msn.com

  18. Evening, Bama!

    You are so sweet, Tiana - No worries about me not writing: I'm seriously addicted and I have too many stories to write! :o)

    Thanks so much for having me Claire! I have to ask you: where did you get that amazing carousel of book covers?! I have to have it! LOL This is an amazing site: I am so jealous! Everyone make sure to follow Claire's blog if you can. Fabulous stuff here! :o)

    You're in there, Nancy! Good luck!

    Thanks, Desi! :o)

  19. Hi Minnette,
    sorry i'm so late to the party tonight. i had to go shop for some x-mas for the nieces and nephews. :)
    i love books that mix genres, i think it makes for a more interesting book when it is done right, and all of your books that i have read have been wonderful. #:)


  20. It always amazes me how many different genre you have. Your an amazing woman my dear!


  21. I love when genres blend together! I agree that life is a bunch of mixed genres! We all experience a little bit of everything in our lives :)
    Ashley A

  22. Thanks, Tammy! You are so sweet!]

    Thanks, Leanne... One day I'll run out... LOL

    Hi, Ashley! Thanks so much for coming over. I was thinking about how many genre today and came up with about three! LOL ;o)

  23. Hi! How was your day? Great post! I love when you share. So interesting and fun to read. ;) I already have your two books. Both are awesome! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to tomorrow. ;D Have a great night!

  24. I had a great day, Shadow, thanks! Thanks so much for the compliment! If you win I'll give you a choice of something else... :o)

  25. So going to say goodnight to everyone! We had a blast today here on Clair's blog and I want all of you to join and follow it. It is absolutely beautiful and has some fabulous articles!

    I'll announce tonight's winner in the morning as always. And, just in case you absolutely CAN'T pass up reading The Belle Stalker, here are the links:




    Thanks so much to everyone for coming over to chat today... It rocked! Minnette :o)

  26. Hi Minnette, I'm a bit late but I wanted to say hi anyways! I definitely like mixed Genres... I will read any and all relating to Paranormal Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Historical, Paranormal Erotica, Paranormal Young Adult etc.. and if there's some that are a Paranormal Urban Fantasy Historical Erotica then THAT is okay too! I think its hard to classify them all and sometimes its confusing, especially since some book stores just throws ALL romance together and then throws Paranormals just in "fiction" and expect customers to go dig them out :P I hated that working in the book store! I mean I know its all Fiction but a little generalization would help! Even having a Fiction/Mixed Genres section would be cool :) Sorry ranting like a crazy person lol but yeah I definitely like when genres cross ;) Can't wait to read my copy of Belle stalker because I don't think I've ever had some thriller/horror involved... well I've read all the Anita Blake series but I think of that one more like urban fantasy than a thriller :) so giving you lots of love, can't wait to host you!

    *waves to claire?* :D Thanks for hosting Minnette today!

  27. Thanks, Chelse! I didn't realize you worked in a book store before (or I've forgotten)... I'm with you. I wish they'd organize better. We have two bookstores here where the romance section ladies are fabulous and they sort well and put books in two or more places so people can find them!

  28. And the winner is....


    Congratulations girl! Make sure to drop an email to mmeador@minnettemeador.com so I can send you your prize, PDF copies of Starsight I & Starsight II.

    We'll see everyone at the next stop! :o)

  29. Minnette -- Real quick -- Thank you for the compliments! Glad you had fun over here, and welcome those of you who decided to follow me!

    The carousel was part of the template ;) I do web design so I modified it and played with the graphics quite a bit. But if you're looking for interesting sliders, for templates, check out the *gaming* templates.

  30. How did I miss this stop?? Anyway, hi, Minnette! :-) Great guest post!


  31. Every time I see that cover, I drool and drool. That is one NICE body. :-) Thanks for a great post!

    Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com

  32. I've enjoyed Minnette's other works and I know I'll enjoy The Belle Stalker. I've added it to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

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