I have a cover reveal winner, folks, and I'll have to come back to post what day she entered.  But it is Erin H, who received an advance copy of Fated for Sacrifice.

Fated for Sacrifice
Inherited Damnation, Book VI

When Reese Hamilton is abandoned in the snow-laden woods, she must find her way to Dáire McLaine’s cabin—a friend she’s known for years, and the man who makes her pulse triple. Little does she know that a cozy night in the woods will lead to passion they both have been longing to explore. But with the new change in their relationship comes something darker and more terrifying, and Reese must confront danger, even death, before she can be free to love.

Dáire McLaine will do anything to escape his demonic blood and attain mortality, even if that means defying nature’s laws and manipulating Reese’s thoughts for his own means. But when he delves into her hidden secrets, the staggering emotion he encounters makes it impossible to deny the forbidden longings of his own heart. He’s yearned for Reese over the years. Yet to love Reese will demand the ultimate sacrifice—his life.

I'll be featuring this book for a while, as it releases this month.  If you missed your copy on the Cover Reveal Contest, today it's up for a Monday Pick Me Up! 

Here's what you need to do:

Answer the following in the comments section below:  Who is your favorite romance hero of 2012 so far? (Can be any genre of romance, and does not have to be related to my books.)

I'll choose a commentor at random for another copy of Fated for Sacrifice!


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2 Responses so far.

  1. My favorite romance hero so far this year has been Owen Montgomery from Nora Roberts' The Last Boyfriend. He loves Avery and really always has. They've been friends since forever, but he's clueless for a long time.


  2. Congrats, Joanne! Look for an email soon.

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