Well, yesterday was rather... odd.

I did go to the bookstore in search of both my releases. It was a half step away from walking into straight chaos. None of the new releases were on the shelf, with the exception of Maya Banks' KGI release. The manager was less than enthused about tracking down a title I wanted to buy that was still locked up in the back room, and well... it just wasn't near as fun as it was supposed to be.

In any case, I did leave behind some signed copies of STRIPPED. Convincing the manager to find Immortal Hope? Yeah... kinda like convincing a banshee not to scream at deafening decibles.

So I'll go back in a few days. Overall, it was exciting to see my book there alongside the authors I admire!

Now, back to the Blog Tour Schedule:

Today's Stop on the Immortal Hope Blog Tour is at Rom Fan Reviews. I'm being interviewed over there and have some insight to share on The Curse of the Templars.

Comment and enter to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Today's STRIPPED blog tour stop is at It's Raining Books, where I'm also being interviewed about STRIPPED and the naughty but dangerous, Black Opals.

Comment here as well, and double your chances to win!


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2 Responses so far.

  1. Claire, that's too bad about the books. I hope they are out and visible upon your return to the bookstore.

    Have a good day!
    Tracey D

  2. I very rarely have depressing trips to the bookstore, but it sounds like yours was not uplifting.


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