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After what's amounted to a week of having to chase down posts for one tour or the other, and hearing my author friends comment on this as well, I thought I'd explain to you, the people who come here to find out where to go for a blog tour stop, how this whole process works.

Let's skip past the whole contact, confirm, schedule date, etc. It's the author's responsibility to create material and get it to the host. Either through a third-party tour coordinator, or directly. This includes pretty much everything you see on a blog post -- answers to interview questions, guest post material, photo, bio, blurb, cover, etc.

At that point, once that material is sent off, it is really out of the author's hands. Some hosts confirm receipt of material, some don't. An author really has no idea if there's been a transmission error, or anything, unless the host communicates so. A really busy host may not even recognize there's something amiss until the last minute, or approaching the last minute, and hopefully the author can address that problem pronto if he/she is able to receive the email timely.

Unless the author has heard from the host, the author has no idea until the day of, whether there's been a problem.

And as the host is posting the material, and the author does not have access to that blog to do the posting hisserself, the author can't control whether that material gets live or not.

All an author can do (cough) is apologize to the people who've faithfully and diligently followed the tour, offered support, and may be emailing privately to inquire. He/she can also politely express some angst on a blog as well.

And then he/she can beg you to have patience and keep going with the flow.

So, I'm apologizing, I'm expressing, and I'm begging!

Thanks for all your support folks!

You asked for more knights -- I've delivered! Jump over to Lovin' Me Some Romance, and get cozy with a knight who knows the true meaning of chivalry, even if his suspicion sometimes gets in the way. Lucan of Seacourt is making a guest stop today!

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Today's STRIPPED blog tour stop is at Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess.


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