Today's Sunday Six is from Marked for Death.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered.

Taran stood stock still for an indefinable passing of time.  She watched the full affect of his own yearning shift through his expression.  Surprise morphed into harsh angles as he combated something fierce that she’d never fully understood but accepted as part of him.  Then, those sharp planes and shadowed crevices smoothed with the hidden tenderness that lived in his heart.  That softness, that brief glimpse of the love he felt for her, stole Solène’s breath away.


Marked For Death
Inherited Damnation, Book VIII
Available 1-16-13

Taran McLaine knows the agony of his incubus father's curse more intimately than his siblings. A century ago he murdered the only woman he ever loved. When he finds her alive, he's faced with the ultimate heartbreak. They have no chance at a future--he's done all he can to insure that on his day of judgment the ancestors will deny him a mortal life.

Years ago, Solene Larouche embraced Taran and the dark curse that cloaked him. She knew the risk she faced, but when Drandar pulls her back to life, she agrees to aid the demon and damn Taran to eternal suffering. One look at the man who held her heart so long ago, however, changes her mind. She must find a way to free him, even if it means condemning herself to eternity as Drandar's slave.

As Samhain approaches, Solene and Taran conspire to destroy Drandar. But will their combined effort enable them to kill the incubus or will they be cast into Drandar's own special Hell and all hope of their renewed love marked for death?


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  1. Wow. That's the best description of a person's facial expression that I've ever read. Great six, Claire, and congrats on another upcoming release! :)

  2. I kind of held my breath through this excerpt, SO beautiful the way you described his face and the emotions. LOVED it! Great six.

  3. Thank you, ladies!

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