Morning everyone.  I particularly hate technology.  Maybe because mine is so old. But it seems that I keep running into technological issues.  In the last year both computers have died, one requiring a total gutting, files have become corrupted, the printer is permanantly fried... and let's suffice to say that several of these things manage to screw up my Thursday New Voices posts lately.

So enough about my technological woes.  Jannine is here and she's got one awesome story to share with all of you!  Please give her a warm welcome as she shares Nothing But Trouble, and maybe tells us a little about that kiss on the front cover.  Shew :fans self:

Nothing But Trouble

Chase Paladin avoids commitment like a patch of stinging nettles. He's seen how love can trample a man, and he doesn’t plan to get hitched—ever. But when Honor Jackson walks into his life, hell-bent on keeping her distance, she turns his convictions inside out.

One look at the too-handsome cowboy with laughing green eyes and a killer smile, and Honor knows he's nothing but trouble. She's come to Redemption, Texas to help an old friend, not to let another man charm her into certain heartache.

But every time she turns around, Chase is there, and the closer they get, the more she fears he’ll break her heart. So when anonymous threats make it clear that someone in Redemption wants her gone, Honor is ready to oblige. Only now Chase isn’t certain he can live without her.

Will two wary hearts take a chance on love before it's too late?

So here's Jannine!

Something About a Cowboy

Thank you, Claire, for having me on your blog today to share my new release, Nothing But Trouble. This book is part of the Honky Tonk Hearts series published by The Wild Rose Press. When I saw the call out for this series, I knew I had to write a story for it. Why, you ask? Well, there’s just something about a cowboy…

What is the appeal the cowboy has for us, both in the old west and the more modern version? I grew up on John Wayne movies, Gunsmoke, and Bonanza. And who can resist Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. (Sigh) The classic western has morphed into a more modern counterpart in films like The Horse Whisperer and Brokeback Mountain.

Is it the hat and boots, the wide open spaces, the swagger? I think our love of cowboys is in the attitude. Cowboys are tough and independent men, but they have an inherent value system when it comes to treating people, especially women, with respect.

My hero in Nothing But Trouble is Chase Paladin. He’s full of charm and swagger, and he dearly loves women. All women. Chase isn’t the settling down sort, and he always makes his intentions clear from the start. When Honor Jackson arrives in Redemption, his conviction that love doesn’t last is put to the test. He won’t allow himself to hurt her, but can he really let her go?

Please share – what do you love most about cowboys?

I'll go first with an answer -- I love the work hard ethic, I think the most.  Just more in tune with the world around us, and they never... stop... even when they aren't officially "on the clock".

Jannine, Chase sounds like a heartbreaker, and a man I'd like to get my hands on!  Let's take a peek at him with this fabulous excerpt!


Chase reached over and gave her arm a squeeze. The imprint of his fingers on her bare skin tingled like a brand.

“I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Soon as word gets out, you’ll draw the locals like bees to honey.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’ve never heard that line before.”

“I can see I have an uphill battle ahead. Charming you won’t be an easy task.”

Leaning her head against the high vinyl seatback, she avoided his smiling eyes. “More like impossible, so don’t bother trying.”

His lips firmed. “Is it me in particular, or are you always this friendly?”

She didn’t answer immediately. Stroking the dog’s silky coat, she spent a moment composing her thoughts. “I’m sure you’re a whole lot of fun. You’re handsome and entertaining.” She let out a breath. “You’re probably a firecracker in bed to boot.”

He coughed and shot her a wide-eyed glance.

“But I’m not in the market for a fling with a good-looking cowboy.”

“Why not?”


“What happened to put you off men?”

“Life happened. I plan to work for Andee for a couple of months and get my ducks in a row before moving on. I’m pretty sure—make that one hundred percent positive—getting involved with you would complicate the equation, and I’m no math whiz.”

“What are you a whiz at, besides putting men in their place?”

Well there you have it -- one smokin' hot cowboy certain to keep you up at night.

Thanks everyone for being so welcoming to Jannine.  She's a great lady, and her writing is wonderful.  I'm certain you'll fall in love with Chase every bit as much as Honor does, and I hope you'll rush right out and purchase Nothing But Trouble.


Meanwhile, here's where you can learn more about Jannine:


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14 Responses so far.

  1. Wow...great excerpt, amazing cover, compelling blurb. Yes, those sexy cowboys. Clint Eastwood and his tough guy squinty glare. Love it! Bonanza, Rawhide, Big Valley. (SWOON!!!) Can't wait to read this story, Jannine. (She is INDEED a wonderful writer). Best of luck!

  2. What do I like about cowboys, other than the way they fill out a pair of jeans and leather chaps? The swagger, of course. But perhaps it's the self-assured way they handle themselves, knowing they can tackle and tame any problem that comes their way. Great post, Jannine.

  3. Thanks, Alicia. I have to admit Clint and that squinty stare of his always did it for me.

    Vonnie, you make me smile, as always. Chase definitely has swagger in the best cowboy tradition.

  4. Claire, I'm thrilled to be on your blog today. Your site is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I've had my share. Grrrr... Sometimes I think we need to revert back to a stone tablet and chisel to tell our stories.

  5. Oh, Jannine, I am SUCH a sucker for cowboys, always have been. I love the strong, silent type who can say so much in a few words and a steely gaze. Fantastic blurb! I can't wait to read this one.

  6. I hope you enjoy it, Alison. This story was just plain FUN to write. Mostly because Chase is quite a character.

  7. Jannine~

    Great post and your excerpt rocks!

    What I love most about cowboys is how hard they are on the outside yet squishy on the inside - especially for their lady loves.

    Best of luck on your book. I think I gotta get me one of 'em.

  8. Thanks, Lynda. That soft center gets you every time.

  9. Laughing green eyes... That makes me instantly love your hero. What I love about cowboys is that they are guys who can think on their feet. Problem solvers, if you will. Great excerpt, by the way!

  10. You're so right, Jeannie. Chase is definitely a thinking on his feet sort of guy. I'm thrilled everyone liked the excerpt. It's always difficult to pick just the right one.

  11. Great post. I, too, grew up on westerns. Nice homage to Have Gun, Will Travel in Chase's name. Laughing green eyes got me, too. This guy sounds great. Can't wait to read Nothing But Trouble.

  12. The name just sort of fit him, so I went for it. Thanks for visiting, Diane.

  13. Hi, Jannine! As usual I am a day late! Lovely blog. The cover is amazing!

  14. Thanks, Regina. I've had a lot of positive comments about that cover. It certainly is an eye-catcher!

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