Pick Me Up w/ Brenda Whiteside

Hi everyone! We have another give-away today!

Brenda was here last week, with her book, Honey On White Bread.

Today she's giving away a copy to one random commenter.

All you have to do is answer Claire's question in the comments below:

What is your favorite memory, favorite tale, or favorite fictional story (book, movie, etc) about the World War II era?

Honey On White Bread

When seventeen-year-old Claire Flanagan is wrenched from her father and deposited at the Good Shepherd’s Home for Wayward Girls, all dreams for Hollywood stardom are lost. But when twenty-year-old Benjamin Russell helps secure her release, she starts to believe in a happy future with him…until she discovers his ex-girlfriend is pregnant.

In this post WWII coming of age novel, Claire discovers the silver screen can’t compare with the fight she takes on for the leading role in her own life.



6 Responses so far.

  1. Brenda, it was great getting to know a bit about you and your process. I always find it interesting how others write. It is great to see historical romance set around WWII. I wish you much success with your writing.

    Claire, there are so many great books and movies about WWII, but imo, none of them pack the visceral gut punch that Saving Private Ryan does.

  2. Brenda...your story sounds wonderful. OMG. What a conflict! I definitely need to check this out. Wishing you much success!

    Saving Private Ryan was amazing, and definitely a tear-jerker, heart-wrenching emotional story.

    As far as non-fiction, my dad was in WWII. He was only 16 when he signed up, but he lied about his age so he could enlist early. (Back then, they didn't ask for verificatio) His family was poor, and he wanted to help take care of his siblings.(Probably wanted to get away from his abusive mother too) He never talked about his personal experience, but would talk about the war in general. He passed away in '94 and I still regret that I never heard his firsthand account of what he experienced.

  3. Thank you both for dropping by. Sorry I'm so late commenting. My Internet went out this morning and I just got it back about fifteen minutes ago. May be the price I pay for moving out on the prairie. I appreciate your comments. I love the era. Alicia, I think a lot of men in that era enlisted very young. And I understand they didn't talk too much about their experiences.

    Thanks, Claire for having me this week. I appreciate it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. I have read HONEY ON WHITE BREAD! An amazing read! Check out my reviews on Amazon, Library Thing and Good Reads! Brenda is one of my favorite writers!

  6. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the recommendation!

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