Hi all! I'm bringing you fellow Wild Rose Press author, Tory Richards today! Tory is a new to me author, so I'm super excited to bring her to the blog for that reason alone. And given we share a similiar pen name -- well, you just can't go wrong with that.

So let's take a peek at her new book!


When a ruthless gem smuggler mistakes Sarah for her best friend Susan, she's kidnapped and stashed on an island. Her only hope of rescue is Susan's cousin Clint -- a soldier-of-fortune whose my-way-or-else attitude is as infuriating as his muscular body is distracting.

Clint, ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary, desperately needs a vacation. Rescuing a kidnapped woman from an island paradise isn't what he had in mind. And when he encounters Sarah's sassy mouth and tempting ways, he soon realizes he's the one in trouble.

I subjected Tory to my rigorous interview. She participated very enthusiastically, I'm happy to report. Here's what she had to share!

Briefly take us on the journey with you – when did you start writing, did you start in the genre you’re published in now, what hurdles did you have to overcome, etc.

TR: I started writing around the age of ten, on notebook paper. Then at thirteen I received a manual typewriter for Christmas, eventually a computer and the rest is history. I bounced all around when I started writing. Contemporary, historical, Viking. I settled on contemporary because it required less research. I hate research! The hurdle I had to overcome was feeling like there was something wrong with my wanting to be a writer. That stemmed from the reaction I received from my parents when I first told them my dream. They laughed.

Obviously you write in the contemporary romance genre. (She also writes erotic romance as well, readers!) Is that your favorite genre to read? Do you write in any other genres, or under any other pen names you’d like to share?

TR: I just have the one pen name, Tory Richards. I wrote mainstream romance when I started out but as my writing evolved I decided I’d have more freedom under a different name. These days I don’t have time for writing, much less for reading. Life often gets in the way and everything else takes a back seat to family and real work.

Of the books you have published, do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

TR: This is a hard question to answer because I pour everything I have into all my books. I fall in love with the heroes and I admire the heroines. And every one of my books has something of me in them. I have a sense of humor and it often comes out in my writing.

What are your published titles and please tell us about anything coming down the pipe next.

TR: At Ellora’s Cave you can find:
- Talk Dirty to Me
- Breathless Surrender
- Her Hands-On Man

Whiskey Creek Press has under my real name:
- Cupid’s Arrow
- The Senator’s Daughter

And under Tory:
- The Cowboy Way
- It’s All in the Jeans
- Wicked Desire
- Someone to Love Me

At Liquid Silver:
- The Promise

At The Wild Rose Press:
- All the Right Moves
- The Mercenary Way

TR: Anything could be coming down the pike. But I was asked by my publisher to sex up two earlier releases to be re-released in their torrid line under Tory Richards.

If we peek in on your hero and heroine’s lives ten years from now, can you give us a glimpse of what we’d see?

TR: They would be living on Clint’s ranch. He will have given up the life of a mercenary and is making a fortune on breeding and raising thoroughbred race horses. Sarah will be busy raising their two daughters and son.

Now that we know a little more about you and where else we can find your books, lets specifically talk about THE MERCENARY WAY.

Tell me about your plot development? How did the idea spur, did you have to do much research, any interesting tidbits that we should know?

TR: I wish! I write by the seat of my pants and absolutely hate research. What I don’t know I make up and so far have been successful with that process. As for plot development, I listen to what my characters are saying. Yes, there are voices in my head.

Okay heroes in specific -- What’s one thing about Clint that we wouldn’t necessarily learn in the book? A secret dream, an embarrassing habit, an episode from childhood.

TR: Clint hasn’t been circumcised.

Oooh! Interesting tidbit!

All heroes are unforgettable in one way or another. What’s one thing about Clint that makes your heart go pitter-pat?

TR: He hasn’t been circumcised. Kidding! What gets to me are the moments when he pockets his big bad persona and reveals his tender side.

If your hero doesn’t have a pet in your novel, what kind of pet would best suit his personality?

TR: A Rottweiler!

Nice big dog with a tender side -- sounds perfect!

Moving on to heroines! Everybody has flaws. Sometimes they are endearing, other times they are annoying. What is your heroine Sarah's greatest fault?

TR: She’s mouthy, and it lands her into trouble more than one time.

Laugh! I can echo that.

Without giving away details that might spoil the story for those who have not read it, could you tell us the one strength Sarah provides to Clint?

TR: Sarah has grit and stamina. Even when she’s totally exhausted she refuses to give in, determined to keep up with Clint as they make their way to the other side of the island.

If Sarah was your daughter – what advice would you give her upon meeting your hero?

TR: He’s crude and hard on the outside but get into his heart and he’ll keep you there forever.

And last, if we peek in on Sarah and Clint's lives ten years from now, can you give us a glimpse of what we’d see?

TR: They would be living on Clint’s ranch. He will have given up the life of a mercenary and is making a fortune on breeding and raising thoroughbred race horses. Sarah will be busy raising their two daughters and son.

Did you say horses? Readers -- lookie! HORSES!!

I knew I'd like this lady.

Before we introduce Clint personally, Tory, I have just a couple other questions for you.

What do you find most difficult about your job as an author?

TR: Finding the time to devote to writing every day.

What has surprised you the most about being a published author?

TR: Ok I swear I’m not conceited but it would be the lack of awe with some people when they find out I’m a published author. I’ve wanted to be a writer forever and when I was first published I felt like I’d finally done it. I succeeded in reaching my dreams. I was beyond excited. So I expected everyone else to be just as excited. Ask me a ton of questions and be thrilled on meeting a writer. LOL Some are, but most could care less. Their lack of enthusiasm kind of hurt, until I woke up and realized that becoming an author was my dream. Not theirs. How can I expect them to get excited over my accomplishment if they dreamed of being an astronaut or belly dancer?

What would you like to say to writers who are reading this interview and wondering if they can keep creating, if they are good enough, if their voices and visions matter enough to share?

TR: DON’T EVER GIVE UP! If you believe in yourself someone else will, too. And it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. I was fifty when my first book was published. Expect to be rejected, too.

Very sound advice, Tory. Authors, keep that tidbit in mind, please.

So with all that said, let's take a first-hand look at Clint and Sarah and the danger they've gotten themselves into.


Grabbing his duffel bag, Clint sprinted in the direction of the trees, leaving Sarah to follow. She’d learn soon enough that he wasn’t going to wait for her. They’d almost reached the safety of the trees when the first shot rang out. It whizzed past them ricocheting off a nearby tree, splintering the bark over their heads. He glanced back, swearing. Just as he’d expected, Sarah had come to a halt and was looking around as though wondering what had just happened.

“Keep moving!” he commanded, grabbing her arm. He gave her a violent shove in front of him where he could keep his eyes on her, and ducked when another bullet whizzed past. Soon after, a volley of gunfire erupted, forcing Clint to push her to the ground before they shot her head off.

She screamed when he careened into her and, in seconds, they were slipping on the muddy earth. Keeping his hands on her hips, he forced her to crawl behind a large tree. As they came to rest against it, flying bark sprayed the area around them.

“We have to keep moving!” Sarah cried above the sound of gunfire. “They’re coming!” She tried to struggle to her feet, but Clint easily held her down.

“No!” he said against her ear. “They’re still back at the house. They’re shooting wild, hoping to scare us out in the open. We still have a good head start,” he finished in a calm tone.

“You sound like you’re used to this,” she commented, trembling beneath his weight. She cried out again when another bullet hit the ground in front of them.

Clint forced her head down, lying protectively over her, all the while knowing that if a bullet went through him, it would probably go through her too. “Pray, angel.”


Thank you, Tory, for coming over here today and taking time out of your schedule. Before you go, tell us where readers can find you?

TR: Lots of places!

Is there anything else you'd like us to know, Tory?

TR: The last Saturday of every month I draw one commenter from my blog to win a giveaway. There are several e-gift card options they can choose from. All information is listed on the right hand side of my blog on the home page.

Thanks again, Tory, and best of luck to you with THE MERCENARY WAY!

TR: Thank you so much for hosting me today! It’s been fun.

And now, Tory has a giveaway to share!

Tory will be awarding a $20.00 e-gift certificate to Bath and Body to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow the Tour; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. Tour dates can be found here:


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6 Responses so far.

  1. Thank you for hosting Tory today.

  2. My goodness you have written a lot of books. This one sounds like fun. I don't know about other people, but I think it is exciting to be an author. I wish I could write.

  3. Hi Claire, just wanted to thank you for hosting me today. Will return the favor if you're interested.


  4. Have you read any of my books MomJane? What kind of romances do you like?


  5. Wonderful interview. As for the comment about people not being excited about you being an author I understand perfectly. I used to work at a book store and we would have authors (of different genre's) come in and do an event and some got a good response and others it was like people couldn't get far away quickly enough. :(

  6. Hi Menina, glad you enjoyed the interview. I've only done a couple book signings. Not my cup of tea. I guess if writing wasn't a hobby for me I'd do a lot more though. Thanks for coming by today.


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