Today's the day we're all supposed to do silly things to each other, all in the name of good fun. This morning I was awakened by my four year old who was trying to convince me it was well after noon. That's the extent of my excitement for the day. Oh. And a randy text message.

But I did a bit of reminiscing with my family today. One year remains the best, and the only time I've legitimately caught someone. When I was in my early teens, April Fool's Day fell on a Sunday. That Saturday night I stayed up late, waited until my father went to bed, and then proceeded to dump the sugar bowl and exchange it for salt. Come Sunday morning, my father was ... shall we say... displeased. I think his bellow roused me. Needless to say Mom and I had a good laugh.

I'd like to share a site I found today, full of humorous stunts that reach far beyond the scope of many of our jokes on friends and family. Top 100 Hoaxes of All Time Take a peek. Some of these are truely amazing.

Meanwhile, if you will, drop in and tell me some of the pranks you pulled today. Or, if you're like me and the barrell of jokes is dry this year, how about some tales from years past?


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