The Curse of the Templars
Claire's paranormal romance series, The Curse of the Templars, debuted with Tor Romance in January of 2012.

Immortal Hope
The Curse of the Templars, Book 1
(January 3, 2012)
ISBN:  978-0765367587

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What people are saying:

"The story is well researched, with interesting characters, and you'll be sucked into the novel within the first chapter." ~ Romantic Times Reviews, 4/4 Stars

"The first Curse of the Templars urban fantasy is a super tale in which readers will believe in the curse, centuries old knights, demons, and a brave bookworm professor who cannot hurt a fly but carries a sharp sword. Claire Ashgrove deftly sets her background especially the curse and the Templar past in the first page." ~ Harriet, Alternative Worlds Reviewer

"Immortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove was such a good read she literally made me read the whole book in one day instead of a week. I could not put it down..."Night Owl Romance, Ramos2011 -- TOP PICK

"Only, as the story started to unfold and the character’s complexity is revealed, did I realize just how captivating IMMORTAL HOPE is." ~ Bitten by Paranormal Romance, Artemis - 4 Stars

"From the very first pages of the story, the action is nonstop–and not only that, but the action scenes are so well written and vivid that it’s like each battle is being unfolded before your eyes!" ~ Romancing the Book, Anna - 4 Stars

"Immortal Hope looks to be a tantalizing new series that promises epic battles, strong women, amazing men and a commitment to a better world. Read it today!" ~ Sizzling Hot Book, Marissa - 4 Stars

"I would recommend this book to fans of series like Highlanders, Dark Hunters etc. Tortured heroes with the chance of redemption from their true love, who doesn’t love a story like that?" ~ Book Passion for Life, Melanie - 5 Stars

Immortal Surrender
The Curse of the Templars, Book II
(Coming, September 25, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0765367594

Immortal Trust
The Curse of the Templars, Book III
(Coming, July 2013)

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Inherited Damnation
Claire's paranormal romance series of novellas, Inherited Damnation, released through The Wild Rose Press in the fall of 2011.

Cursed to Kill
Inherited Damnation, Book I
(October 26, 2011)
Digital E-Book only

What people are saying:

"Cursed to Kill is an exciting read filled with tormented lovers who must overcome their history to find true love...If you enjoy a steamy story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and reminds you of the value of true love, I recommend Cursed to Kill."  ~ Marissa, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews -- 4 Stars

"Authentically researched and convincingly told, with a pleasing mix of magic and lust, dangerous depths and sensuous heights, Cursed to Kill will thrill you through a long lunch break or a night at home and leave you wanting to believe in magic." ~ Sheila, Nights and Weekends Book Reviews

Tormented by Darkness
Inherited Damnation, Book II
(December 7, 2011)
Digital E-Book only

What people are saying:

"I recommend that you read this book if you are looking for a unique twist on the typical demon tales. You will certainly question what you are willing to do for love." ~ Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, Marissa -- 4 Stars

Destined To Die
Inherited Damnation, Book III
(December 21, 2011)
Digital E-Book only

What people are saying:

"Ms. Ashgrove has an amazing talent to make your heart break for the tortured souls in her books, be they an injured soldier or an imprecated half-demon ." ~ Shnoogiepoo, Reviewer for Night Owl Romance Reviews - 4.5 Stars, TOP PICK

Ensnared by Blood
Inherited Damnation, Book IV
(Coming, 2012)
Digital E-Book only

What people are saying:


"Victorians used the term 'limbs' as a euphenism for legs, which were thought to be so sexually exciting to a man, even a glimpse of a table leg could incite him to sexual frenzy. Table skirts were invented to prevent any unnatural unions between men and furniture."
(History Channel International)



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