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The Cliff
Contemporary Romance

Can a childhood pact affect the lives of three adults?

Love and betrayal surrounds the lives of lifelong friends Lanie Rhodes, Grant Bennett, and Dane Voight. Years ago, they made a pact to remain together as friends forever. The boys also made another secret pact that same day—to never vie for Lanie’s love.

Grant and Lanie have secretly been pining for one another since they were children.

Now grown up, they finally admit their feelings for each other and what ensues is a twisted tale of deception as Dane does everything he can to stop them.

The story weaves around this uneven love triangle. What will happen to the pact? Will friendships be destroyed? Will lovers emerge?

Christie is going to share some insight on creating tension:

Creating tension between characters.

As an author, I know that I need to make the interaction between my characters engaging to the reader, which mean that the connection needs to feel real to them. One of the best types of connection is tension.

Now in The Cliff, you can definitely see a few different types of tension. There’s angry tension as well as some downright awesome sexual tension. Which do I prefer to write? Well, both, but for very different reasons.

Lets start with angry tension, shall we? I love to pit two characters against each other and build the animosity they have to the highest degree before reaching its climax and exploding into a … Yes I am still writing about angry tension LOL ... fist/cat fight, screaming match or plain of seething, silent hatred. I want my readers to feel it, choose sides, hate someone or want to face punch one of my characters. No I don’t mind if you punch my characters, sometimes I totally want to you hate the hell out of them! But how do I accomplish that? Well, I personally think about something in my life that’s pissing me off and use that to form the basis of what my character might be feeling. This way what you’re reading is real and raw, just probably not about the same why. See real life experiences allow me to utilize my own emotions and transfer them to you. So you feel my anger. See, I’m trying to rile you up. You need to feel the tension or I am an epic fail at creating that tension.

Sorry, I don’t mean to raise your blood pressure. Or do I? Yes I do. And well that’s where we get into the other type of tension I like to write about. Sexual tension. Oh I know that got your attention. So how do you build on something that is the type of emotion that needs to exist all on its own? We all know you can’t force sexual tension; it’s either there or it’s not. I read somewhere once that one of the first things you notice about a person is whether or not you’re attracted to and/or would have sex with them, and this all happens within the first three minutes that you’ve met them. But I digress.

So, how do I find the inspiration to get my characters all heated up and in turn get you all excited? Well I pull on those heart and pants strings by reaching back into my past to remember the first few weeks of falling for someone or that first kiss or not being able to keep my hands off someone. TMI? Well of course it is but that’s what pulls you in too. Lets take that first kiss. You all know what I’m talking about. The butterflies in your stomach, staring at the person’s lips, the heart pounding in your chest, chewing an entire pack of gum in hopes that first kiss is on its way.

Oh that first kiss … the total sexual tension you feel with that other person. Like magnets drawn together. You can’t help from moving your body closer, and yet closer still. Dying to see what it would be like to press your lips against theirs. The heat is undeniable. When you can feel that draw to someone from across the room, or over the phone for that matter. Hell, in this day and age you can feel sexual tension thru email or texts. And there you have it. And this is exactly how I create that sexual tension between two characters; and in turn, makes you feel the same thing in your head and maybe even your pants. Clears my throat.

OK then, so creating tension between characters in a book is one of the most essential parts of being a good writer. Pulling from my own experiences allows me to help you feel what I’m feeling through my characters. And it’s a lot easier to do when you’ve actually lived through those feelings. 

Well, let's take a peek, shall we?


 “You go first,” I said.

“All right. I missed you so much these past six months,” he offered.

“I already know that; that doesn’t count.”

“But I don’t think you know the extent or how.”

“Okay . . . how then?”

“I don’t ever want you to be away again.”

“Grant, work will always cause one of us to travel for extended—” and he put a finger over my lips. I suddenly felt the urge to wrap my tongue around it.

“No, Lanie. I don’t ever want you to be away from me; never again. I missed you terribly.”

“Um, terribly?” God I was so lame. I stared into his eyes. The heat between us became intense. It was almost like electricity was crackling between us.

“Lanie, do I have to spell this out for you?”

“Yes, please. Spelling, definition, and then use it in a sentence.”

And then he just kissed me. It was a soft, gentle kiss that sent a shock wave from my lips right to my girliest of girl parts. When he pulled away, not very far away, he just stared into my eyes with something that was not looking at me like a sister. What was he searching for?

“Could you please spell that again?” I murmured. He relaxed and laughed softly and kissed me again, this time allowing his tongue to brush across my bottom lip. I was melting.

It took everything not to pounce on him and do all the naughty things that were suddenly running through my head right there on my porch.

“Use it in a sentence, please.” I whispered with my eyes still closed, my head still tilted.

“Of course.” And he crushed his lips to mine, pulling my body against his. I was lost in him. His tongue began swirling with mine and my head began swirling, too. We remained in this sentence, which was slowly approaching a paragraph. I didn't care, I would have been happy kissing a novella with him.

When our lips finally parted, I wasn't sure what to do next. “Would you like to come in?” I sounded like a complete idiot.

“Lanie, I'm not sure this is right or wrong. I just know it's what I want. But I want to go very slowly. I don't ever want to hurt you or ruin things between us. Maybe not tonight. Promise you understand.”

I raised my right hand and stated, “I promise I understand.”

And then his lips were on mine again. I reached up and curled my fingers into his hair and drank him in. I wanted to pull him inside to see where this would go, but I had promised. So I released him.

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About The Author:

Christie A.C. Gucker lives in NJ with her husband, two daughters and a menagerie of pets. Being a mother is one of the greatest joys of her life. She has worked in the advertising industry for over 20 years as a degreed artist, but also works in the fine arts, especially sculpting out of stone or snapping photographs. Christie is also a singer and musician, and can be found singing on a few CDs.

After the death of her father, Christie searched for something to fill her desire to make a mark in this world. Her love of the arts and creativity allowed her to search for a new medium, which she found with a pen instead of a brush. Being an avid reader her whole life, and with her family cheering her on, she decided to take her shot, and began writing.

Fascinated by the supernatural and sharks, Christie studies both avidly. You’ll be sure to find something spooky lurking somewhere in her stories. Her greatest joy is sitting on a beach with her family while surf fishing, flying kites or building sandcastles with her girls.

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