I was tagged by Heather Long. So here's the excerpt I have to share.

Before I do though--the rules. Lucky Sevens is an excerpt from the 77th page of your book, starting at line 7, and 7 sentences long.

This is taken from the 7th Inherited Damnation book, Enslaved by Fear:

Micah expelled a heavy sigh as he entered the garden. His gaze swept over the overgrown plants, the weeds that rooted in amongst the powerful herbs. In his mind’s eye, he saw another time, another place. A day three years ago when he’d stopped in to pay his neighbor’s a visit, and Brigid was on hands and knees, up to her eyeballs in dirt out here. Tending the one thing that could never harm her, Micah now realized.

Funny how no one had realized her gentleness in all this time.

No one but him.

Now, I'm supposed to tag seven more authors, but I did this last week on my Tori site, and I am out of authors I know who have an active blog.

Remember, book 4, Ensnared by Blood is coming soon!


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