Hi everyone! Today we have another guest, Catherine Bybee, who's known for her exceptional paranormal stories. She also has a naughty side, and is published in erotica as well. In the last several months I've gotten to know Catherine a little better, and I think you'll enjoy meeting her.

Today we're going to be talking about Soul Mate.

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Kari Pearce lives the life of a lone werewolf. No one knows of her affliction, not even her sister. When she hears of a missing child up in the Sequoias, Kari goes on the hunt to find the child and her abductor before tragedy can occur. Saving the child is easy, avoiding the FBI agent associated with the case is not.

Agent Nick Murdock knows he's seen Kari before, but damn if he can remember where. There's one thing he knows for sure. Kari Pearce, with her blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, is hiding something. And Nick is going to find out what.

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So, Catherine, briefly take us on the journey with you – when did you start writing, did you start in the genre you’re published in now, what hurdles did you have to overcome, etc.

CB: I started writing seriously about three years ago. My first completed manuscript is under my bed, the second was Binding Vows, a time travel romance that has gone on to be a bestseller and a catalyst to my trilogy. Like all writers, I’ve had my share of rejections, still get them from time to time, but I keep writing and subbing. A published author is a persistent author.

Absolutely. I just blogged about that somewhat -- an author doesn't typically luck into anything. That person has worked hard without giving up.

You obviously write paranormal and erotic romance. Is that your favorite genre to read? Do you write in any other genres, or under any other pen names you’d like to share?

CB: I only write under Catherine Bybee. My website is set up so that my readers know exactly what they are picking up. My first love is time travel romance but when writing my trilogy I found myself writing a contemporary book along with a historical. Which is what TTR is when you think about it. And because my TTR have witches and druids running amok, taking a leap and writing about werewolves came easy.

I’m also writing a series of contemporary books that Harlequin has shown some interest in. So I hope to soon be spreading news on that front.
Oooh! Hear that folks? Pay attention to her website (Catherinebybee.com) for news! Fingers and toes crossed for you, Catherine.

Of the books you have published, do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

CB: Oh, boy, that’s like asking which child I like best. I love them all for different reasons. I can’t choose one.

What are your published titles and please tell us about anything coming down the pipe next?

CB: My Time Travel Trilogy starts with Binding Vows then Silent Vows and then Redeeming Vows – But because this is such a popular series, I’m nearly finished with the first draft of a forth book for this line. I’m hoping to have Highland Shifter out in 2012.

My Werewolf Books: Soul Mate, which is the latest release – Before the Moon Rises and Embracing the Wolf are about brothers.

Possessive is a short ghost story.
And my two erotic novellas, Kilt Worthy and Kilt-A-Licious.

You gotta love those Highlanders - yum! But we're talking about those super-sexy warewolves today, so lets jump in and give everyone a peek at Soul Mate.

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As she walked away, his eyes followed the gentle sway of her hips. Damn, she was something to watch.

Once she was out of sight, he turned in his seat and brought the coffee cup to his lips. As he swallowed, his eyes landed on the car keys sitting next to Kari’s empty plate.

With a wicked smile, he covered them with his hand and headed toward the door.

Outside he watched her fumbling through her purse while standing in front of a four-wheel-drive rental. A strand of blonde hair slid over her face; she tossed it back in frustration and mumbled a curse.

“Looking for these?” He held up the keys and shook them with a jingle.

Her head shot up, eyes narrowed.

“You left them on the counter,” he found himself explaining.

Taking a step in his direction, she reached out to capture them from his fingers. Nick playfully pulled them out of reach. She cocked her head to the side and dropped her hand.

“Have dinner with me,” he spoke before she could say anything.

“What?” She looked at him as if he was crazy.

“You know, dinner. Kind of like breakfast, only later and with wine.”

“Are you always so forward, Mr. Murdock?”


“Are you always so forward, Nick?” she emphasized his name to express her annoyance.

“I believe in being direct.”

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You've just read an excerpt from Soul Mate, by Catherine Bybee
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With that enticing peek at Nick and Kari, could you tell us about your plot development? How did the idea spur, did you have to do much research, any interesting tidbits that we should know?

CB: Soul Mate was the brain-child of mine when I was camping in the Sequoia’s a couple of summers ago. The moon was full and my mind was clicking away with story ideas. The first scene played in my head and the rest of the book followed.

I love it when ideas jump up and grab you. Personally, I think those are some of the best books written. They just don't let an author go.

Speaking of not letting go -- give us some more details about Nick. What’s one thing about Nick that we wouldn’t necessarily learn in the book? A secret dream, an embarrassing habit, an episode from childhood.

CB: Uhm, I’m not sure Nick has anything going on that the reader won’t see by the end of the story.

All heroes are unforgettable in one way or another. What’s one thing about Nick that makes your heart go pitter-pat?

CB: His determination to get what he wants is very sexy to me. Nothing wishy-washy about his approach or appeal.

I love a determined man as well, honestly. If Nick doesn’t have a pet in your novel, what kind of pet would best suit his personality?

CB: A police dog… but I don’t think our heroine, a werewolf, would like that. LOL

Laugh! No, I bet she wouldn't. That could be really interesting. (You write erotica yes? Sorry, just kidding!)

On that note, spill secrets about Kari. What is Kari's greatest fault?

CB: Her eye twitches when she lies. Which sucks for her but clues in everyone else.

Poor girl. I mean, we're all entitled to our secrets right?

Without giving away details that might spoil the story for those who have not read it, could you tell us the one strength Kari provides to Nick?

CB: Her backbone is made of steel. It takes Nick to show her that she can lean on him.

If Kari was your daughter – what advice would you give her upon meeting Nick?

CB: Watch out, this one is going to count.

I always love the answers there. I think that one response gives me more insight to the story (and teases me far more) than all the rest combined. That sounds positivitly delicious.

If we peek in on Nick and Kari's lives ten years from now, can you give us a glimpse of what we’d see?

CB: Kari telling Nick, “Well would you look at that, our baby girl’s slumber party falls on the full moon, looks like you get to stay up all night and listen to them cackle while I turn all furry.”

Laugh! That's classic.

Let's talk just a little bit more about yourself before we call it a wrap.

As a writer, Catherine, what is your greatest strength?

CB: I think I have a gift of dialogue. I’m able to paint a scene through a conversation and draw the reader in that way.

I think you do that well in the scene above. So yes, I'd have to agree.

Many authors describe themselves as "character" or "plot" writers. Which are you?

CB: This depends on the book. My time travels are plot, plot, plot… yeah, the characters take hold of the story, but the plot has to be mapped out or things go funky.

My shorter pieces I’m able to spend more time with my characters. Contemporary books naturally fall into ‘character’ writing. My paranormals are about a ‘plot’.

Given that you write in separate genres, do you find it challenging to shift? Or is it a natural process?

CB: Natural and refreshing. Which is why I write different genres. I don’t think I’d like only writing one.

I'm very much that way. It's a breath of fresh air to escape into a different world (literally), even though I love the one I just left. So I can completely understand your answer.

All right, everyone, Catherine's given us a generous portion of her time. Let's let her get back to creating the stories we love. But before you go, Catherine, can you tell us where to find you on the web?

CB: Website: http://www.catherinebybee.com/
Blog: Catherine Bybee

Thanks for being with us, Catherine! Hope you'll come by again soon!



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  1. Great interview ladies! I loved the ten year crack! Priceless. Good luck Catherine! You on a rll baby and HQN won't be able to refuse you much longer. I can feel it already that you're wearing them down!

  2. OMG, it took me all day to figure out how to leave a comment. Something jacked up my blogger account. UGH. Thanks, Calisa. I do hope HQN nods. I'd love to see my books at Target and Walmart!

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