What perfect timing for a foal to make an appearance. Days after Waiting For Yes released, Orion's last foal decided it was time to join our lives. After staying up all night with her Mommy, waiting for her to decide to give over and give birth, she graced us just as the sun began to lighten the sky, shortly before Seven AM.

She's a pretty little filly who's name is Orion's Legacy, and goes by "Legs" (as dubbed by my oldest son). She's also quite the replica of Orion in many ways. Lots of color. Lots of pizzaz. The Tipiest little Arab ears I've seen in a long while. Four near-perfectly matched white socks. Sabino and Rabicano markings. And a personality that is awesome.

Unlike the horses in Waiting For Yes, Legs is not a Straight Egyptian. She's half Davenport, and her dam is a huge mover, so she should have a good future in dressage. She's the full sister to another mare we have, Ourania, who has a similiar personality, similiar build, but didn't get the flashy color.

Legs is the first foal we've bred in three years, which also makes her quite special. And while the actual getting was a product of "Oh crap you left the gate open, son," it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

A perfect legacy...



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