Hi everyone!

Okay, so I've been talking about contests for a while on Facebook, and now that the super-secret Templar project is done, I can focus on getting some of these things accomplished!

We're kicking off the Immortal Surrender Pre-Release Gala, with the first of two contests, beginning this morning!

Yes, that's right!  Kansas City Renaissance Tickets!!  Two of them!

I've been invited to attend the Wine, Chocolate, and Romance weekend on September 29th and 30th.  And along with seeing me, getting books signed, you can eat turkey legs, meet real knights, listen to the wonderful Jolly Rogers and have a wonderful time, in general.  If you've not been, and you live in the Kansas City area, I highly recommend you check this out!  (Please note, the tickets are not exclusive to that date.)

So what do you have to do?  It's super simple!

So here's how the contest works:

What You Win:  Two Renaissance Festival Tickets (for whichever weekend you prefer, excluding the 1st and the 8th)

What You Do:  Leave a comment below and tell me why you love renaissance fests! Be sure to leave your email address.  For folks unaccustomed to blog contests, standard form is to put your email in as:  name(AT)service(dot)com -- leave the parenthesis and the literal 'at' and 'dot' so robots can't grab your email. (Winners will be chosen by random draw.)

When You Win:  Winners will be announced on Tuesday the 11th, by noon, CST.  Tickets will mailed that afternoon.

Where Must You Live To Enter:  Anywhere within the region (or outside) as long as you intend to redeem the tickets.

How You Can Get Extra Entries:

There are two ways to receive additional entries to increase your odds of winning.

1.  Post this page to your Facebook Account or share my announcement (be sure and tag me so I know you did! ClaireAshgrove)

2.  Tweet this page on Twitter (make sure and @ClaireAshgrove so I know to give you credit!)

~I will add 1 extra entry per day, per alternate source, for each entrant.  This means, if you tweet it four times in one day, you still get one entry for that day.  But you may retweet it again the next day and receive a second entry.  Same for Facebook.

Good luck everyone!  Looking forward to hearing your responses!

Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends:

Sept 1-3:  Silk Road
Sept 8-9:  Highland Games
Sept 15-16: Pet Festival

For More Information, visit The Kansas City Renaissance Festival Website or follow them on Facebook


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3 Responses so far.

  1. I've actually never been to the KC Renaissance Festival....... after 10 yrs in KS you think we would have found 1 year to go! We've always wanted to, just never made it out. One of my brothers was very active in HS in renaissance reanactments and he participated at the festival in IL. I have some great memories of the year he took me....... we are 8 yrs apart. Since I'm horse-crazed, my favorite part was watching the bravery of the horses during the josting. The atmosphere is contagious, so much happiness and revelry! The colors, the excitement, the constant activity and the costumes!!! And of course, the speech, who couldn't be in love with the old tyme dialect? Not me, I love it!


    What an awesome contest, Claire. Terrific prize and the chance to reflect on a wonderful festival.

    Keep up the great work with the writing!

  2. Renaissance Festival in KC is an awesome experience for singles, couples, and families. I have taken my own children, school trips, and now take my grandchildren every few years or so. Even teens who think they are "cool" get into the activities and shows. The characters can be counted on to give everyone some interaction that causes laughter and good memories. The food is good and someday I am going to buy that sky chair I always test out. Huzzah!

  3. Congratulations, Sandy -- your name was plucked out of the hat by the eldest demidemon.


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