Well, it's that time of year again -- when we all stay up way too late and risk bodily harm just to enjoy some sparks and lights.

I'm teasing.  Happy 4th everyone!

If you're like me, you're spending today with family and wowing the kids with flash and bang.  Watermelon, burgers on the grill, homemade potato salad... yum!  I remember the first year that I actually recall fireworks.  I was 5.  I had a huge slice of watermelon that I lugged up the stairs to the unfinished room that looked over what was then several vacant lots.  My entire family watched the fireworks show for the city from up there with nary a tree to get in our way.  I dribbled watermelon all over me.  The windows were open and we could even hear the pops and the thunks when the fireworks went up.

It's always been a favorite holiday of mine, even though as a child my folks were really over-protective and the only time I got to light firecrackers was when I was with friends.  (Thank you Laura and Bill and Kay!)  This year, I took the demidemons to a July 3rd show, and we plan to have our own backyard fiesta tonight.  During the day it's smoke-bomb city, snakes, and those darned little cars on firecrackers that never work right but we must buy every year.

Today, as part of my Lie to Me release blog tour, I'm blogging at Red Hot Books about one of my all-time favorite July 4th memories.  I hope you'll stop by and share in my bit of youthful romanticism.  I'd love to hear yours as well!


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