Another review has come in, and this one has me super-pleased! Bitten By Paranormal Romance is a wonderful blog site, and I nervously submitted my book, hoping it would do the reviewers justice.

Artemis went in, by her own admission, with a "deep sigh", as I was a new-to-her author. But she rated the book 4 Moons, and ranked it as HOT. Here's a few snippets of what she had to say:

"as the story started to unfold and the character’s complexity is revealed, did I realize just how captivating IMMORTAL HOPE is."

"I am enamored with the Templar Knights of IMMORTAL HOPE and with their bravery to endure the impending evil that steals their souls bit by bit. "

To read the full version and hear some wise words from the archangel Gabriel, check it out here.

Now -- QUICK! Hop over to Bitten By Paranormal Romance today and read about the Lure of Darkness.

I'm talking about Immortal Hope and Stripped, and why the darkness is so compelling, both in Paranormal Romance and in Romantic Suspense.

Follow the rules over there and you can win a signed copy of both Immortal Hope and Stripped!

Hope to see you there.


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1 Response so far.

  1. Congrats on such a great review, Claire. I'm heading over to read it now.

    Happy New Year.

    Tracey D

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