Well, today is the big day, for anyone who follows racing. It's the 27th Running of the Breeder's Cup Classic, and all eyes are on Zenyatta.

I don't know if any of you have seen this gal run, but I watched her last race in California a few weeks ago and she's just fantastic. There's no rushing out of the gate, stealing first place and holding it all the way. No, not for the showy lady who marches before her race, poses for the camera, and simply oozes character.

Zenyatta makes her fans wait with baited breath as she claims dead last, then slowly picks off horses all the way to the lead. Here -- just take a peek. I dare you to breathe easily.

An April Fool's Baby, she's undefeated and today is her 20th race. She's running against the boys, not running in the ladies Classic, just like last year. Question is... can she make her final race her greatest? Will she make today a perfet 20-0?

Tune in to ESPN and watch for yourself. Even if you don't bet, don't have a passion for racing, this is one horse everyone can admire. She defines the epitome of dreams.

And she's certainly inspired me.


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  1. Aww and I just heard that the 2 year old who slipped and fell fractured his shoulder and is being euthanized. Wish horses were more durable. Sigh.

  2. What a beauty she is! I'm so sorry to hear about the 2 yr old. Something about that seems so unjust.

  3. Hi, Maeve! I agree. Every time I hear about the losses, though I well understand them, something tugs around my heart. I think what bothers me more is there's just so many things about horses that aren't fixable. You can lock them in a padded stall and they will find a way to kill themselves.

    But then there's priceless ones, like Zenyatta, who remind us all why racing began and why it calls to so many people.

  4. That's one reason I can't watch anymore, I cry myself sick over it. I love it. I know they are born to run but I just can't take it. sniff sniff. I'll check back with you to see if she won


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