So last week I mentioned I couldn't go into specifics about a contest. This week, I can, and I'm super happy to be able to share.

I entered SOLA's Dixie Kane Memorial Contest, a contest that I really enjoy the feedback in. After much nail-biting, they posted the Official Winners List, and I found my name in there... three times:

1st Place Paranormal -- Seduced By Fire
2nd Place Historical -- Bound By Decency
3rd Place Single Title Contemporary -- Love's Redemption.

I kermit danced for a while (only now my chapter members are asking me to demonstrate that one.) We'll see how The Suzannah plays out. I entered two pieces, one not in the above list.

Also, in exciting events, I decided to give both online workshops and conference workshops a go for the coming year. I've received word that my online workshop for Digital Publishing was accepted through both Black Diamonds RWA and Lowcountry RWA. I'll be teaching those workshops in February and August, respectively -- hope you'll come!

I submitted a different proposal for a couple conferences (one being RWA Nationals) and fingers crossed that they will go. I really would like to present. Really, really.

So it's been fun and exciting this week on my end. Other news to come next week. Anybody else have any fingers-crossed stuff they can talk about? Or achievements? I'm anxious to hear.


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  1. So did you demonstrate the kermit dance??

    Congrats again!

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