Well, it's about time for a new look, don'tcha think? No more dark stuff you have to squint at.


Hot Damn Designs created a new website for me, and today I've spent the entire day rebuilding my blog, rebuilding my newsletter, and doing some additional requirements for my actual site.

That is... in between monitoring the comatose toad my son brought me this morning. He, in attempts to catch it, whopped it on the head. ("But Mommy, it was hopping away!") While we were discussing the merits of life and how killing harmless things at random is not a good thing, I happened to see the toad gulp. So I told him to take "dead toad" out in the shade and leave it alone. Two hours later it evidently shook off the coma and hopped on its merry way. Now my son thinks it came back to life. Yeesh!

And in between that, he happened upon a rather large find of monarch caterpillers yesterday. Now... all my childhood I wanted to find one of those. I wanted to watch it transform. Never happened. My son CHANCES on the motherload of all caterpillars. So we have nine of them now, and they all have "assumed the position" as of tonight. In about 10 days we'll have pretty butterflies!!

I think I'm more excited about this than he is.

But at least it beats his trying to add the "dead" toad to our ever-increasing collection of dead bugs.

Oh... to be the mother of boys.

Well, enough rambling for one evening!



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