It doesn't seem possible that December is here. The year has gone by so incredibly fast, and half the things I idealized I would get done, lay at the top of my to-do stack. Things like "Fix wallpaper" -- a task I've said diligiently I will accomplish at the start of every month. I'm not even going to say it this month. Bah.

Well, everywhere I look, Christmas is cropping up all over. I can tolerate it now -- seeing it before Thanksgiving is a bit rough, to say the least.

My second book, All I Want For Christmas... Is Big Blue Eyes will be making it's appearance on December 4.

I'm super excited. Josh and Amanda's story really touches me.

I hope you'll stop in and take a peek. If you're interested in the early bird special -- you can preorder a copy here.


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  1. December...I haven't even started the Christmas shopping yet. I get worse every year!

    Maybe I'll just skip it all and read a book. "All I Want for Christmas" sounds good...

  2. You book sounds fun and would make a great stocking stuffer. See how easy shopping can be? :) Happy Holidays!

  3. I'm so not ready for Christmas; I haven't bought any presents or put up any decorations. Sigh.

    Maybe all I have to do is get me a copy of "All I want for Christmas..." to put me in the December mood!!

  4. Ya'll are great! Thanks for stopping in.

    I hear you on the not shopping part. I think I'll be last-minuting it again this year.

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