Well, it's almost October 2nd, which means Seduction's Stakes is almost here!

This week it finally hit me ... my first book is going to come out. And wow, that's kinda scary when I stopped to think about it. I planned for September to be a month of different marketing strategies locally, but now that I'm getting started, I'm realizing: "Wow, I need to do this. I ought to do that. If I could, I'd love to do this too!"

From updating websites, to redesigning pages so the book can be purchased from my site, to passing out promotional materials, to ordering different materials (and wishing I could order still others), to talking to store managers about different launches, to xyz... I'm a bit in a whirlwind.

Linda Kage sent a request for an interview, and I think that's what drove it home. I've been an author. But now I'm about to be an author.

From here, I'm going to have to keep rolling with All I Want For Christmas... Is Big Blue Eyes around the corner in December, and Timeless Valentine coming out the day after my son's birthday in January -- sheesh! If the holiday months are this busy, I think I'm going to miss the holiday itself.

Anyway. It's almost time. Here's the excerpt if you want a sneek peak. Excerpt:



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  1. How exciting! And I can't wait for your interview. It'll be a good one. But I can't wait for the book to get here even more. Wow. Congrats!

  2. Congrats!

    I miss a lot of holidays, well sort of. I get so involved in editing and promotion the holidays sneak up on me. Also, I'm always immersed in Christmas in July or Valentine's Day in August (when I'm writing stories for those holidays). LOL

    I'd be happy to interview you on my blog, too, at http://www.ashleyladd.blogspot.com Leave me a comment on my blog and/or email me if interested.

    I'm also going to be a TWRP author, but under a different name.

  3. Congrats, Ashley!

    And Linda -- the interview was fun, fun!

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